The Pradiance Way

Science-based, Natural & Organic

Pradiance is 100% natural and organic. We comply with the most stringent local and international standards and our products are developed, formulated and produced in South Africa in an organic-certified laboratory according to the COSMOS standards.

All ingredients are biodegradable, sustainably sourced and traceable. Our ingredients are GMO free, organically grown and 100% free of synthetic chemical preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, SLS, colourants and fragrances. We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing natural and organic skincare products in the most sustainable and ethical way. 


Powerful African Botanicals

Our hero ingredient, Kigelia, also known as Kigelia Africana, has extensive healing powers ideal for all skin conditions. It is a near miraculous botanical that has long been a staple of African pharmacology.

Inspired by the moon and its endless cycle of renewal, the ‘Pradiance Way’ is about the connection to nature and the regenerative power it provides. We consider the 28 day skin cycle, which happens to be the same as the moon’s cycle. Taking care of our mind, body and spirit in the healthiest way possible, will have a dramatic effect internally and externally and result in a more radiant skin.