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Kigelia Africana

The african Wonder plant

The Pradiance Way

We’ve created a unique combination, a meeting point between science and nature that makes natural beauty accessible to those who inspire us the most  – the women who we make Pradiance for every single day. View or download The Pradiance Way brochure to learn more or click the link below to read our Story.

Natural & Organic
Science based

Our organic skincare range is scientifically formulated containing Kigelia and other specially selected plant ingredients that are sustainably sourced and certified natural.

Known as the sausage tree

Found in all our products, Kigelia is a near miraculous plant that has extensive healing powers for all skin types.

Sink Care

For your skin type

Natural & Organic

Made with powerful African botanicals known for anti-ageing qualities, healing effects and the ability to improve scar tissue and blemishes. Our products are 99.4% - 99.6% natural and organic with the balance being a soil certified natural preservative that is biodegradable.

The Leading cause of ageing skin

Sun Damage

Exposure to UV light damages elastin fibres in our skin causing skin to stretch sag and loose elasticity. Kigelia can reverse the effects of sun damage.

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Nature Knows best

Did you know?

Approximately 60% what you put on your skin enters the skin and ultimately the bloodstream, therefore affecting the health of your body, including the brain and other vital organs.