Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

    Natural skincare products have proven effective for sensitive skin. Because there are no harsh or synthetic chemicals that can irritate your skin, you will find that a natural skincare range can calm and soothe sensitive skin. 

    What causes sensitive skin?

    Interestingly sensitive skin is more reactive to external factors than usual. For example wind, sun, heat, cold, synthetic chemicals, mineral oils and the wrong skincare products can cause the skin to become irritated.
    Also be wary of skincare products that contain soap, dyes and fragrances, as this can cause itchy, red and irritated skin. 

    Skincare Range for Sensitive Skin


    There are different types of sensitive skin

    Did you know that sensitive skin is not a “one-size-fits-all” issue? In fact, there are different types of sensitive skin. 

    You can divide sensitive skin into 4 main types:

    • Naturally sensitive
    • Environmentally sensitive
    • Reactive
    • Thin skin 

    Naturally sensitive skin can be hereditary, whereas thin skin can develop as we age because our skin becomes naturally thinner the older we get, therefore making it more prone to sensitivity. 

    How to treat sensitive skin

    If you are prone to sensitive skin, staying away from harsh cleaners and synthetic products will help.  

    Rather op for a natural, organic and synthetic-free skincare range that can soothe and calm irritated sensitive skin. 

    Cleansing should be as gentle as possible to ensure that the skin isn’t stripped of its natural oils. Our Sensitive Skin Care Range can help.  

    Sensitive skincare routine

    Morning Routine:

    1. Cleansing Milk
    2. Balancing Facial Toner
    3. Day Cream for Sensitive Skin

    Evening Ritual:

    1. Cleansing Milk
    2. Balancing Facial Toner
    3. Illuminating Night Serum

    Once per week: 

    1. Exfoliating Clay Mask
    2. Radiant Repair Mask – more often as required

    Sensitive skin can be managed, calmed and soothed; The answer is to use the right natural skincare product.