Welcome to Pradiance


We care about the good health and longevity of your skin.

That’s why we only include the purest ingredients in our products.

Ingredients that are 100% organic and natural.   

Based on the demands of all skin types, the Pradiance range was formulated.

With the inspiration drawn from the proven healing effects of carefully chosen African plant extracts that have only positive effects on the skin.

We proudly developed, formulated and produced it in South Africa and manufactured it in a SOIL certified laboratory in Cape Town.


Our Founder

With over 30 years in the skincare industry as an entrepreneur and international trainer. Caro Copeland is the founder of Pradiance.

She is a devoted mother and has a relentlessly positive influence on those trying to help South Africa be more environmentally-conscious. Caro’s career has been one of conscious positivity.

Caro first learnt about Kigelia and its remarkable healing ability on sun damaged skin in 1998. These learnings were the basis and inspiration for developing a luxurious organic skincare brand. Centred around this miraculous plant.