Combination Skin

    Combination skin is typically dehydrated in the cheek area with an oily T-panel (the forehead, nose and chin area). The correct skin products can help restore balance. It’s also important to use a natural skincare range free of potentially pore-clogging mineral oils and irritating artificial colour.

    What causes combination skin?

    An oily liquid called sebum is produced by your body to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Therefore, When a lot of sebum is made the skin become more oily. 

    Also, When it comes to this skin type you will have oily skin on your forehead, nose and chin, but dry or dehydrated skin on your cheeks. 

    Moreover, Other contributing factors are heat and humidity. Interestingly, combination skin types are found more often in parts of the world where there are higher temperatures and greater humidity. 


    Combination Skin care routine

    Be sure to stay away from pore-clogging skincare products, as this can worsen oily skin. The trick is to use a natural skincare range that is free from synthetic ingredients and mineral oils. Using a toner is also really important as it balances the skin. 

    Morning Routine:

    1. Natural Face Wash or Cleansing Milk - This is gentle enough to use combination skin types.
    2. Balancing Facial Toner - Infused with active plant ingredients including Kigelia, the Natural and Organic Balancing Facial Toner is an essential part of one’s skincare. It assists in balancing and conditioning the skin for a better complexion and your skin will feel hydrated and fresh
    3. Combination Skin Day Cream - This natural and organic day cream hydrates and balances combination skin. It is easily absorbed by combination skin. Some of the key ingredients include: Jojoba, Kigelia, Sesame and Aloe Vera.  

    Evening Ritual:

    1. Face Wash or Cleansing Milk
    2. Balancing Facial Toner
    3. Illuminating Night Serum - This is a natural and organic product that is a richly concentrated hydrating serum infused with plant extracts known to stimulate the healing process in the skin. 

    Once per week: 

    1. Exfoliating Clay Mask- A natural and organic creamy-textured exfoliating mask for deep pore cleansing.
    2. Radiant Repair Mask - This natural and organic Radiant Repair Mask is deeply hydrating. A deeply hydrating and tissue repairing mask, infused with Hemp Seed oil as a powerful anti-ageing ingredient.

    Lastly,Combination skin can be frustrating, but with Pradiance’s natural skincare range, you can enjoy healthy, glowing, radiant skin.