Natural Skincare for Ultra Dry Skin

    There is nothing worse than when the skin feels dehydrated.

    Not only can it feel tight, but ultra-dry skin can be rather uncomfortable, even painful in severe cases. Pradiance offers a natural and organic skincare range for ultra-dry skin. The range is scientifically formulated to improve your skin condition and leave your skin looking and feeling fantastic.

    Skincare Range for Ultra Dry Skin


    Choosing the Perfect Natural Skincare Product for Ultra Dry Skin

    There are various reasons as to why your skin might be dehydrated, and with tons of products on the internet, it can be difficult to choose the right product.

    Here are some reasons why you might be struggling with ultra-dry skin, and how Pradiance can put the moisture back into your skin the way mother nature intended...perfectly organic.

    What causes extremely dry skin?

    Besides the above-mentioned conditions, ultra-dry skin can be caused by a number of different factors.

    Some people are more prone to dry skin because of hereditary conditions, or perhaps you’re a sun baby, who loves being outdoors. The sun can also cause damage to our skins. But one of the biggest causes of ultra-dry skin is using the wrong cleanser and moisturizer for your skin.

    What are the symptoms of ultra-dry skin?

    There are a few tell-tale signs that you might be suffering from ultra-dry skin, and as we mentioned above it can feel uncomfortable.

    Ask yourself the following in order to figure out if you have super dry skin:

    1. How does your skin feel?

    After washing your face, or hopping out of the shower, how does your skin feel? If it feels tight, or painful, this is usually a good indication that you need a specialized product to put moisture back into your skin.

    You might also notice that your skin feels rough, flakey or even itchy

    (Side note on itchiness: The itchiness might be a sign of pruritus, which is common on the body but can sometimes occur on the face, if you feel that it is severe, seeing a dermatologist is always a good idea.)

    1. How does your skin look?

    Ultra dry skin usually looks dull, ashen or even red. You will notice that your skin lacks that gorgeous dewy glow of healthy moisturised skin. It might even look flakey, scaley or peel.

    How to treat skin that is super dry?

    Dry skin can be super uncomfortable but the good news is that it is treatable. If you have a dry (oil dry) skin type, cleansing should be as gentle as possible to ensure you don’t dehydrate your skin further. 

    This is our suggested cleaning routine to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and radiant. 

    Morning Routine:

    1. We suggest using our Natural Face Wash or Cleansing Milk to gently cleanse dry skin. 
    1. Next, use Pradiance’s Balancing Facial Toner. It assists in balancing and conditioning the skin for a healthier complexion and your skin will feel hydrated and fresh.
    1. Step 3 is to use our Supreme C + Natural Serum. Why? Because it’s an oil-rich serum that nourishes, soothes, protects and firms dry skin. Rosehip and Sweet Almond oil are rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A, C & E are integral for tissue and cell regeneration while improving skin flexibility.
    1. Next, use our Natural Ultra Rich Day cream. You can even add a pea-size drop of Radiant Repair Mask for extra nourishment. This is suggested for extremely dry skin. 

    Evening Ritual:

    Pradiances evening ritual is similar but we have included our Illuminating Night Serum to heal your skin, especially if it is suffering from sun damage.

    1. Cleansing Milk
    2. Balancing Facial Toner
    3. Illuminating Night Serum 

    Once per week:

    1. Exfoliating Clay Mask
    2. Radiant Repair Mask – more often as required.

    Yes, ultra-dry skin can be a pain, but with the right natural skincare products, you can heal your skin.