We know that what we apply to the skin affects our skin health, our future health, our brain health. Cosmetics are absorbed by the skin, this is a fact – the skin absorbs approximately 60% of what is applied to it and it secretes sweat the toxins. It is a miraculous organ of self regulation. The Natural and organic skincare world feels that the skin works best when it has Natural and Organic ingredients supporting it. Our skin loves natural substances because our skin is a living organ and natural plant substances in the most natural state, resonate with and are understood by the skin. The skin says “Ah Ha, I can work with these substances because they are living just like me”. Another way to look at this understanding, is our diet. The body works best and is healthiest when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables – we are designed to be able to digest fruit and vegetable the easiest. The gentlest food for the gut is alkaline fruit and steamed vegetables. They are easy to digest because they are in their purest form and closest to how they exist in nature, so to speak. We LOOK healthier and our skin and eyes shine when our diet is clean. We feel the same about our skincare products. Ingredients as close to nature as possible. Ingredients should support the functions of the skin and help to heal where healing is required.