Ways to reduce acne

There are many aspects to look at to reduce acne. Number one is to use Natural and organic skincare with certifiable natural skincare ingredients. Number two is to avoid any skincare or make-up product that contains petroleum and paraffin. Petroleum/paraffin is a by-product of gasoline mining and is known to clog and block pores which can lead to blackheads and pimples. It is (in my opinion) cheap and nasty and is absolutely no good for human skin, human consumption and human health! Skincare especially for reducing acne should be 100% pure, natural skincare free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients. Skincare for acne prone skin should be rich in healthy botanicals, vitamins and nutrients. We have an abundance of plant ingredients that are perfect to use in natural cleansers and day creams that encourage healing and balancing of acne prone skin. Luxury natural skincare will be rich in Vitamins and good minerals and is widely available.  We just need to know where to look. I see such positive results on a daily basis by showing customers that there are outstanding quality Natural organic skincare products that encourage absolute health in the skin. I see no need for harmful ingredients in skincare that can potentially cause pimples or skin sensitivity. With natural skincare products that include healing botanicals and perhaps some guidance on foods to avoid and foods to include in ones daily diet, there is no need for problem skin conditions.