I first came across Pradiance products in 2017. At the time I was using a well known super market cosmetic range which I wasn’t particularly happy with. I was desperately looking for a product that wouldn’t break the bank but would help my dark spots and discolouration.
When I listened… at the time, I was sceptical. I didn’t believe that a product that was so competitively priced could deliver the results…
I also didn’t really believe that I would see any real changes in my skin tone or texture. I had bought products in the past and seen no improvements, but after only a month I could already see a dramatic change in the radiance and texture of my skin.

As I continue to use the Pradiance products the pigmentation / discolouration of my skin caused by long term exposure to the sun and also pregnancy, continues to lighten. Almost immediately I could see definite improvements in the fine lines / “crows feet” around my eyes.
Another thing that I noticed from the first application of the face wash was that there was no burning sensation on my face and after rinsing my face there was no tightness or immediate dryness to my face.

I have also used the day cream on extremely dry parts of skin that I get on my hands and immediately the dryness is relieved and after a few applications it disappears altogether.
Apart from the product “really working” is the fact that it’s organic and proudly South African. I love knowing that I’m supporting a local company and helping to benefit a local community. The idea of the Kigelia plant being part of the South African landscape adds to the authenticity of the product.

An added bonus for me is the smell of the Pradiance products which is really amazing and reminds me of walks through the fynbos. I am very happy with the Pradiance products and I have very happily “turfed” my old face cosmetics into the bin.

Debbie Lawrence

I am loving the product on my own skin. The serum is all I use at night and it’s definitely been enough moisture for me.

Debbie Court

I have been using the Pradiance range for about 4 months and I am loving it.
It’s a very gentle natural range with lovely subtle aromatic smells.
My skin is feeling rehydrated and nourished. It is also very well priced for what it offers.

Lee-Anne • 48yo

I have been using Pradiance for a few months now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The product leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. My skin is definitely clearer and so much better.

Rachel • 17yo

I have been using Pradiance for 4 months and my skin texture has improved so much! The products are so gentle, moisturising and leave my skin feeling lovely and refreshed!

Rosalie • 21yo

I have chopped and changed my facial products over the years in search of a totally natural face product, that my skin and bank balance both love. I have found that product in Pradiance! The entire family now uses it – teenagers and middle-agers alike and we are all delighted with the results.

Lindy • 46yo

My skin is glowing, and my blemishes are getting lighter and my complexion is back. I am very excited.

Zanele Shwane

I am a fifty year old male. I have been using several Pradiance skincare products for 2 months now – the Face Wash, the Day Cream for dry and dehydrated skin, and the Night Serum.
I thoroughly enjoy using these products.
The citrus scent of the facial wash permeates my bathroom which is very pleasant.
A dark spot on my face, under my left eye has been visibly reduced. My skin is smoother and more youthful looking. My family and friends have commented on the improvement and healthy looking skin.


Finally, an affordable natural and organic skincare range. And proudly made in South Africa.


As a 74 year old I do like to take very good care of my skin. I have since the age of 21 used a good quality European skin care range.
I was so impressed with the Pradiance range of South African made skin care products after just a few weeks of using them that now I am an avid fan of the product.
Just love the fresh Geranium fragrance that comes through.
And the Serum is quite amazing how it erases the lines especially around the mouth area.
You have my commitment to use this product forever.


My skin was highly pigmented all over, pale undertone, no vitality and a ‘grey’ undertone. After using Pradiance for one month, my skin started to radiate with vitality and had a lightness to its tone. After another month the excess dark pigmentation lifted and has started to break up in patches. Skin feels really good, hydrated and feels beautiful and soft.


I found the Pradiance products to be easy to use with simple instructions. I enjoy the clean, recyclable packaging.


I have started using your gorgeous products and I am blown away. My skin looks and feels great.

Samantha Hayward

Hi, my name is Karin and I am 56 years old. I have been using Dermalogica for a few years and at a Christmas Market the other day, I was introduced to the Pradiance Skin Care range. Well, as a change is as good as a holiday, I decided to give it a try, using the Day Cream and Night Serum samples for a few days, but mainly I continued with the Massage Oil for Face and Body, together with the Toner. Within a week and a half, I thought I saw a slight improvement in skin’s texture but left it at that. The next morning, while having coffee with my daughter, I found her staring at me: ‘Mom, what are you using on your skin… It looks amazing! Your texture has changed, and you definitely show softer lines…’
Well, that made me blossom 🙂 Thank you Pradiance. Your products feel great on my skin and I shall surely persist with this wonderful range.


I bought your products in Johannesburg and I am really impressed.