How can I improve my skin?

How can I improve my skin? When choosing a skincare product that will improve the health of one’s skin, I recommend a completely and authentically Natural skincare product that is certifiable Natural and contains Organic ingredients. Organic plant ingredients are free of harmful pesticides and hormones.  Using a pure (in the true sense of the word) skincare product, the skin can work in a healthy way with these ingredients because botanicals are of course plant based and the human skin (like the body) responds with health and vitality when it is treated with pure and healthy ingredients. Natural skincare (certified or certifiable) will be free of harmful ingredients. When the skin is supported by Natural skincare ingredients, the natural skin moisture content restores itself and combination skin problems will often naturally balance. If one is prone to hyper-pigmentation, it is without doubt, better to use completely natural and organic skincare. Please avoid quick fix hyper-pigmentation products as skin lighteners as these will usually contain synthetic ingredients which may cause problems in the long run and hyper-pigmentation may return even worse. Skin lightening promises need to looked at carefully and ingredients scrutinised. The one botanical called Kigelia (African Sausage tree) has been used for decades as a gentle, effective, safe product to slowly treat uneven hyper-pigmentation and sunspots with no harmful side effects. Day creams and cleansers that are rich in botanicals (natural anti-oxidants) and certifiable natural and organic, without doubt have an natural healthy effect on the skin which results in them being anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle.