How are natural Facial Toners beneficial to me?

Because natural Facial Toners are in a complete liquid form, we can include special ingredients that benefit from being in this kind of suspension. The Facial Toner ingredients penetrate very quickly into the skin and the gentle (low percentage) alcohol holds the hand of the medicinal ingredients and transports them deep into the skin layers which can therefore assist with deep tissue healing.

Ways to reduce acne

There are many aspects to look at to reduce acne. Number one is to use Natural and organic skincare with certifiable natural skincare ingredients. Number two is to avoid any skincare or make-up product that contains petroleum and paraffin. Petroleum/paraffin is a by-product of gasoline mining and is known to clog and block pores which can lead to blackheads and pimples. It is (in my opinion) cheap and nasty and is absolutely no good for human skin, human consumption and human health! Skincare especially for reducing acne should be 100% pure, natural skincare free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients. Skincare for acne prone skin should be rich in healthy botanicals, vitamins and nutrients. We have an abundance of plant ingredients that are perfect to use in natural cleansers and day creams that encourage healing and balancing of acne prone skin. Luxury natural skincare will be rich in Vitamins and good minerals and is widely available.  We just need to know where to look. I see such positive results on a daily basis by showing customers that there are outstanding quality Natural organic skincare products that encourage absolute health in the skin. I see no need for harmful ingredients in skincare that can potentially cause pimples or skin sensitivity. With natural skincare products that include healing botanicals and perhaps some guidance on foods to avoid and foods to include in ones daily diet, there is no need for problem skin conditions.

Why choose synthetic free skincare products?

The human body and mind thrives when it is fed Organic plant based foods, the same applies to the skin. When the skin is provided with Natural skincare including Organic ingredients rich in Vitamins and Minerals, its natural skin moisture improves, scar tissue heals far quicker, uneven pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation can gently disappear because the health of the skin is good, wrinkles soften, pimples and spots heal quicker. The skin glows with vitality and good health because it is ‘happy’ and healthy. There are many harmful ingredients used in skincare products that I feel should be banned. The accumulation of years of using day creams, cleansers, make-up, lip products etc. can amount to a substantial amount. If you have the choice to have healthy products rich in natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals that are naturally anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle or to have synthetic chemical products, which would your skin feel healthier with? The top of my ‘to avoid’ ingredients is paraffin which is found in a surprisingly large amount of skin care (day creams) and make-up (foundation) products. Paraffin or petroleum is a cheap and nasty (in my opinion) by-product of gasoline mining! I absolutely avoid this product 100%. It can clog pores and can CAUSE blackheads and pimples to form. There is NOTHING good about petroleum and paraffin when used in skincare or make-up. I encourage everyone to read the ingredient lists provided and choose natural and organic, good for you skincare and take care of your health. There is an abundance of Natural and organic skincare products in the world. They can be naturally powerful as an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatment due to the healthy plant ingredients, high vitamin and mineral content. When the skins natural moisture content is cared for, the skin looks for youthful and the Anti-ageing desire is naturally addressed.

Beauty Tips for anti-ageing

Being a skincare therapist and trainer for 30 and 20 years respectively, who uses only Luxury natural and organic Skincare products, I see the results of using products that are free of harmful ingredients on a daily basis. Natural plant Botanicals have a powerful and natural Anti-ageing effect on the skin. The Anti-ageing properties are obtained from the firming properties of selected plants. Natural Botanicals are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals and when the extraction process (used in Natural skincare products) respects this, the vitamins and minerals are not destroyed and are therefore richly available for the skin and penetrate deeply to nourish and support the skins renewal process. Through harsh synthetic chemical extraction processes which are usually used in synthetic chemical products, some vitamins and minerals are destroyed and they have to be added back in an isolated format which is not, in my opinion, suitable for the skin. I feel that Day creams and natural cleansers that are botanical rich are far more suitable as Anti-ageing and Anti-wrinkle products than synthetic chemical products due to the fact that the skin responds best to natural stimuli. Plants (especially organic) enable the body and the skin of the human to be healthy and vital – in my opinion synthetic chemicals are falsely advertised as the only way to be wrinkle free. Use what mother-nature provided – via the body and the skin.

How can I improve my skin?

How can I improve my skin? When choosing a skincare product that will improve the health of one’s skin, I recommend a completely and authentically Natural skincare product that is certifiable Natural and contains Organic ingredients. Organic plant ingredients are free of harmful pesticides and hormones.  Using a pure (in the true sense of the word) skincare product, the skin can work in a healthy way with these ingredients because botanicals are of course plant based and the human skin (like the body) responds with health and vitality when it is treated with pure and healthy ingredients. Natural skincare (certified or certifiable) will be free of harmful ingredients. When the skin is supported by Natural skincare ingredients, the natural skin moisture content restores itself and combination skin problems will often naturally balance. If one is prone to hyper-pigmentation, it is without doubt, better to use completely natural and organic skincare. Please avoid quick fix hyper-pigmentation products as skin lighteners as these will usually contain synthetic ingredients which may cause problems in the long run and hyper-pigmentation may return even worse. Skin lightening promises need to looked at carefully and ingredients scrutinised. The one botanical called Kigelia (African Sausage tree) has been used for decades as a gentle, effective, safe product to slowly treat uneven hyper-pigmentation and sunspots with no harmful side effects. Day creams and cleansers that are rich in botanicals (natural anti-oxidants) and certifiable natural and organic, without doubt have an natural healthy effect on the skin which results in them being anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle.